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AVIA Motors celebrates 100-year anniversary, and prepares something new

AVIA Motors will supply its customers with dozens of newly manufactured vehicles of the AVIA INITIA series this year. Among them, there will also be a total of 19 special commemorative vehicles as a remembrance of the year 1919 – the birth year of the AVIA brand and the establishment of the company.

In the autumn, production of vehicles with internal combustion engines should finish, but this does not mean the end for AVIA Motors. On the contrary, a new phase of its existence will start.

AVIA Motors continues to produce medium-sized trucks, that are being assembled by dozens of employees. Hundreds of employees are further employed indirectly thanks to subcontracting needed for the truck production. The total production will be slightly lower than last year due to the fact that this year the company focuses mainly on the production of 4WD vehicles, which is expected to continue in the future.

In autumn, new European emission standards will come into force, asking for technical changes be made to vehicles, requiring new vehicle equipment, and the need to obtain new homologation certificates. All these requisites result in significant investments making the production of vehicles more expensive, which is disadvantageous and unprofitable for small manufacturers such as AVIA Motors. Therefore, the owners of the company decided to stop the production of vehicles with internal combustion engines this autumn. However, custom production of AVIA INITIA 4WD vehicles will continue. This year, the company will also produce a total of 19 special vehicles to commemorate 100 years since the birth of the AVIA brand, as has already been said.

The termination of the diesel engine vehicles production does not mean the end of AVIA Motors. A very important part of the AVIA Motors portfolio continues to be the service support of a fleet of several thousand vehicles of AVIA D- and INITIA series.

“Our entire service support and spare parts distribution system will guarantee the users reliable operation of AVIA vehicles for at least the next decade. We will continue to produce the necessary components, and also assembling them into units. Moreover, our company is the only one with a sufficient number of spare parts in stock and we will continue with their fast and reliable distribution,” says AVIA Motors CEO Tomáš Adamec. New projects and electromobility will be the sign of future.

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