China attempting to address Czech security forces members-BIS |

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China attempting to address Czech security forces members-BIS

China attempting to address Czech security forces members-BIS

China has been attempting to address and win the Czech security forces members for cooperation of late, BIS civilian counter-intelligence service spokesman Ladislav Sticha told public Czech Television (CT) today.

In October, BIS chief Michal Koudelka called the Russian and Chinese intelligence activities the most important long-term risk for the Czech Republic security.

Chinese intelligence services are primarily interested in industrial data, Sticha said.

"They are attempting to get in touch with various science and research workers, people from universities and naturally also to contact our politicians. In our opinion, it is very dangerous if these people are invited to a trip to the People's Republic of China, they are treated well there with China paying everything and then, at the end, they receive an offer of cooperation. We are trying to warn not only scientists but also universities and politicians of this danger. Unfortunately, we have lately perceived this trend in the security forces as well and are trying to speak about this loud," he said.

Koudelka mentioned the threat of the Chinese security services at a conference in the Chamber of Deputies in October.

The Chinese are often inviting scientists, politicians and others to their country where they are trying to influence them and gain information from them, Koudelka said then. BIS primarily warns of armed forces and police members accepting such invitations to China.

In its annual reports for the public, BIS repeatedly warns of the intelligence activities of China and Russia in the Czech territory.

The Chamber of Deputies commission monitoring BIS debated the BIS's secret annual report for 2018 in late October. Commission chairman Pavel Belobradek (opposition Christian Democrats, KDU-CSL) said then that BIS had succeeded in revealing dangers, recruiting new staff and applying the latest technology.

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