Completion of e-vignettes among chief events of 2020 - experts |

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Completion of e-vignettes among chief events of 2020 - experts

Completion of e-vignettes among chief events of 2020 - experts

The completion of the electronic motorway vignette system, the extension of the toll collection system and the continuation of work on transport infrastructure projects, including legislative changes, are the main events expected in 2020, according to experts polled by CTK.

Even though the launch of the new toll system was one of the main transport events of this year, its effects will continue in 2020, according to the experts.

As of January 1, toll will be extended to apply to another 860 km of first-class roads. "Part of freight transport could thus return to motorways, where it belongs," BH Securities economist Stepan Krecek said.

At the same time, however, the costs of transportation of goods can be expected to increase, which may force hauliers to raise their prices, he added.

The year 2020 will be the last one when paper motorway stickers have to be affixed on car windshields. They are to be replaced by electronic vignettes in 2021.

Next year will thus be of key importance in terms of preparations for the new system. The first changes will occur as early as next year, Czech Fund economist Lukas Kovanda noted.

The state wants to support eco-friendly vehicles by exempting cars with alternative drive systems from the motorway fees. The demand for alternative fuel cars will not, however, increase, as these cars are notably more expensive, according to Kovanda.

The number of charging stations can nevertheless be expected to grow next year, he added.

Next year should see progress in the process of the railway market liberalisation as well as the completion of the system of single train tickets, the Chamber of Commerce's transport section head Emanuel Sip said.

The Transport Ministry plans to introduce the system of single tickets for all railway carriers in 2020. Other important events expected in 2020 include continued repairs of the D1 motorway and the construction of around 21 km of new motorway sections.

The most important events of the past year included reshuffles in the transport sector, the experts noted.

Former transport minister Dan Tok has been replaced by Vladimir Kremlik. Kremlik, in his turn, removed the head of the Road and Motorway Directorate (RSD) twice. The post is now held by Radek Matl.

National railway operator Ceske drahy (CD), too, has a new CEO, as Vaclav Nebesky has replaced former CD head Miroslav Kupec.


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