CZ Loko nets 72 million in 2017/2018 |

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CZ Loko nets 72 million in 2017/2018

CZ Loko nets 72 million in 2017/2018

CZ Loko, a company producing, modernising and repairing railway engines, netted Kc72.12m in the fiscal year ending in Sept 2018, keeping the figure almost unchanged against the year before, while its sales rose by 3 percent to Kc2.26bn, according to the firm's annual report.

CZ Loko supplied 9 out of 12 engines of the EffiShunter 300 type for the Warsaw metro and 28 special MUV 75 vehicles to the Czech railway infrastructure administration company SZDC in the past fiscal year, which began on Oct 1, 2017 and ended on Sept 30, 2018.

SZDC had ordered 50 vehicles. The remaining ones have been produced this year. The company also supplied 5 shunting engines of the EffiShunter 1000 series to Italy.

The biggest contracts of this year include the modernisation of four engines for Estonian railways.

In summer, CZ Loko supplied the first prototype of a modernised shunting engine to Czech freight rail carrier CD Cargo, which was the first out of 50 engines ordered.

The company will also produce 4 shunting engines for Ukraine. CZ Loko exports about 60 percent of its engine output to 18 countries. The company's average headcount increased by 25 to 688 people in the past fiscal year.

CZ Loko operates several plants in the Czech Republic and has subsidiaries in Poland and Italy.

The company is 51 percent owned by board chairman Josef Barta, the remainder being held by company Zeppelin CZ.

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