Czechs discuss Dukovany nuclear project in Brussels |

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Czechs discuss Dukovany nuclear project in Brussels

Czechs discuss Dukovany nuclear project in Brussels

A Czech delegation and the EC held talks here yestarday on the plan to build a new nuclear source in Czechia, which was the first bigger meeting preceding an EU approval of the construction of a new unit at Dukovany nuclear power plant, a deputy industry minister said.

The negotiations have only started and EC representatives have more questions to be sent to Czech authorities, Rene Nedela, deputy industry and trade minister for energy issues, told CTK by phone.

Apart from Nedela, Jaroslav Mil, the government's representative for nuclear energy, was also a member of the delegation.

The Commission will be dealing with the project from a point of view of unlawful (state) aid.

It is an interactive discussion with representatives of the Directorate-General for Competition and the Directorate-General for Energy, Nedela said, adding that it is not easy to get the approval.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis said in mid-October Czechia had to push through the construction of new nuclear sources even if it were in breach of EU law. Czechia needs new reactor units in both of its plants, namely Temelin and Dukovany, he said.

Nedela did not want to specify but said they were doing their best to achieve visible results next year.

He said the EC appreciated Czechia informing it about its steps well in advance.

In reaction to Babis's statement, Upper Austria filed a complaint with the EC asking it to check the Czech plans.

Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlicek said Czechia was ready to explain all its steps to Austria but wanted Austria to respect its decision.

In Brussels, the delegation presented a Czech energy mix, renewables strategy, report of CEPS power grid operator on system imbalances according to which Dukovany's unit will not be enough for Czechia after 2030, and also talked about strategic reserves.

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