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Defence cancels decision on consultancy tender winner

Defence cancels decision on consultancy tender winner

The Czech Defence Ministry has cancelled the decision on the winner of a tender for consultation services in the purchase of combat vehicles for the infantry, on the basis of a bidder's complaint, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes today.

The Krutak & Partners firm, which finished second, challenged the references of the winner, the Broz, Sedlaty legal office, and the Ministry accepted two of the three objections, LN adds.

One of the conditions was sufficient experience with comprehensive consultancy. The winning office reported two tenders of the Road and Motorway Directorate (RSD) in its reference material, but the RSD allegedly withdrew from the contracts in both cases.

It is not sure whether the referential contracts met all parametres that the contracting authority required in the contract documentation, defence lawyer Tomas Krutak told LN.

The Broz, Sedlaty office claims that the documents it presented were true and met the conditions.

The Defence Ministry asked the office to complete them. It will re-assess the bids then.

"This is the standard right of the contracting authority that it can use to dissipate doubts of the complaint concerning the raised objections and make its steps in the assessment of the bids more transparent, said Klara Hanulikova, representative of the Broz, Sedlaty office.

The winner has offered 949 crowns without VAT per hour of legal services. LN writes that the Krutak & Partners offered just a one-crown-higher price.

The Defence Ministry is seeking a firm to consult it on the contract of purchase of tracked infantry combat vehicles (BVP) for some 50 billion crowns.

The ministry annulled a tender for lawyers twice in the past due to mistakes in the assignment process. The firms that failed in the tender challenged the process.

The Defence Ministry would like the winning legal office to help draft a contract with the company to supply the combat vehicles. The military demands 210 vehicles in seven modifications.

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