Ministry for Czech arms exports based on intergovernmental deals


09. 12. 2019 • 09:00

The Defence Ministry wants to create a mechanism to enable Czech arms makers to bid for foreign commissions on the basis of intergovernmental agreements, Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar (for ANO) said at a conference on acquisitions in defence industry.

This would open new opportunities for the Czech defence industry. However, the preparations of the respective mechanism will last until 2021 at least, he said.

Purchases of defence equipment based on intergovernmental agreements are among the safest and most transparent arms acquisitions, Metnar maintained.

He reminded that the Czech Republic had decided to buy multipurpose helicopters from the USA and mobile radars MADR from Israel this way.

"We support this type of acquisitions and it is logical that our foreign partners will do the same," Metnar added.

The government should enable the Czech defence industry to have access to foreign markets this way, he said.

In this connection, Metnar pointed out that exports make up most of the turnover of Czech arms firms, and this is why the Defence Ministry would like to support the Czech industry this way.

"We would like the institute to work as soon as possible. However, its formal side is not simple," Metnar said.

It would be an ambitious goal to have the preparation and approval process completed by 2021, he noted.

At present, it is being discussed which foreign model of support for sale based on intergovernmental agreements is to be used for the Czech Republic, he noted.