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New car sales in Czechia grow to record in July

New car sales in the Czech Republic rose annually by 0.8 percent to a record-breaking amount of 21,816 units in July, while in the January-July period the market fell by 9 percent to 150,314 units, the Car Importers Association said today.

Skoda was the best-selling make with a market share of over 34 percent, though its sales went down by 2.6 percent to 51,275 units. Volkswagen was second with a drop of almost 25 percent to 12,444 vehicles. Hyundai ranked third with a decrease of 13 percent to 11,004 cars.

Dacia with 10,349 cars sold and Peugeot with 7,116 cars sold came next, followed by Renault, Kia, Toyota, Ford and Citroen.

Skoda Octavia was the top-selling model (13,364 units), followed by Skoda Fabia (12.601) and with Skoda models Rapid, Karoq and Kodiaq ahead of Dacia Duster and Hyundai i30.

In terms of fuel, petrol cars made up 70.2 percent and diesel cars 27.2 percent of the sales figure.

Privately-owned cars accounted for 29 percent, while corporate cars made up 71 percent.

New LUV registrations increased annually by 5.3 percent to 11,823 vehicles in the Jan-July period. In July alone they rose by 13 percent year on year. Volkswagen was the leader with 1,745 units sold, followed by Peugeot and Fiat.

Lorry sales rose annually by 13.5 percent to 6,484 units in Jan-July. In July alone they, however, sank by half. Mercedes-Benz was the best-selling make, followed by Scania and MAN.

Bus registrations went up by 11.2 percent year on year to 718 units in Jan-July. Market leader SOR sold 249 buses, followed by Iveco Bus (200 units) and Mercedes-Benz (42 units).

New motorbike sales were 14 percent higher at 13,308 units in Jan-July, rising by 25 percent in July alone. Honda was number one with 2,923 motorbikes sold, followed by Yamaha, KTM, CF Moto and BMW.

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