Nuclear and green energy is Czechia's future - deputies |

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Nuclear and green energy is Czechia's future - deputies

Nuclear and green energy is Czechia's future - deputies

Political parties currently represented in the Chamber of Deputies consider nuclear and renewable sources as the future of the Czech energy sector, the parties' representatives said at a seminar held by the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

They also said the departure from coal must be gradual and must namely take the social aspect into account.

The Czech population's view, which is mostly positive, as well as Czech firms and experts' know-how should be made use of in planning the construction of a new nuclear unit at the Dukovany nuke plant, politicians said.

The Civic Democrats (ODS) representative Zbynek Stanjura and the Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) party representative Radim Fiala said Czechia should be more active in negotiating support for the project with the EU as obtaining the EU's various approvals may be one of the most difficult things about the entire construction.

According to Stanjura, the Civic Democrats propose drafting a special law on the construction of nuclear units to make the procedure smoother, citing Finland as an example. The idea was supported by ANO party representative Pavel Pustejovsky as well as the Communists (KSCM) representative Leo Luzar.

The Pirates representative Petr Tresnak said he appreciated last week's news about energy company CEZ announcing it would develop small modular reactors with US company NuScale.

Luzar disagreed with him, saying it would be unreasonable to wait for the reactors, which are still being developed barring certain exceptions.

In discussing renewable sources, politicians agreed their future development must be supported reasonably so as to prevent the 2009-2010 solar boom from occurring again.

The Supreme Audit Office said earlier the total costs of renewables in Czechia will have exceeded Kc1,000bn by 2030.

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