Skoda Auto's new supercomputer to help simulate aerodynamics

Czech car manufacturer Skoda Auto put the most powerful commercial supercomputer in the Czech Republic into operation yestesday, company representatives told journalists. Thanks to its high computing capacity, the supercomputer is able to optimise aerodynamics simulations and help with the development of new safety features and future engines.

The computer is able to perform up to two quadrillion computing operations per second and its capacity is expected to increase up to 15 quadrillion operations per second.

"By installing the new high-performance computer, Skoda Auto is further expanding the largest commercial computing centre in the Czech Republic. We are thereby continuing to press ahead on our path to becoming a digital company and are creating an important technical prerequisite for maximising the use of current as well as future technologies and thus, for example, making development processes as efficient and economic as possible," board member Klaus-Dieter Schurmann said.

Skoda Auto's IT department keeps looking for new employees, including AI experts and data analysts.

Skoda Auto delivered 1.25 million cars across the world last year. Skoda Auto runs three production plans in Czechia and also assembles cars in China, Russia, Slovakia, Algeria and India, mostly via partnerships, and in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, where it makes cars in cooperation with local partners. The car maker is active on more than 100 markets.