SVOS Prelouc wants to finish Perun armored vehicle military tests |

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SVOS Prelouc wants to finish Perun armored vehicle military tests

The Czech armored vehicle manufacturer SVOS Prelouc officially protested against the Defence Ministry's report that SVOS's vehicle Perun, developed for special forces, did not pass military testing, the company told CTK today.

The company said the ministry's tests were non-standard.

The Defence Ministry has withdrawn from the purchase contract with SVOS Prelouc on August 9, the ministry's spokesman Jan Pejsek said later today.

The Perun vehicles failed to meet 85 percent of the assessed criteria, including key parameters that influence the reliability of the vehicles, Pejsek told CTK.

SVOS said it has provided all relevant materials, including a list of contract breaches, to an attorney's office and expects to defend itself by requesting the completion of the military tests in accordance with the original purchase agreement.

The company noted that it has warned the ministry of repeated and serious breaches of the test's guidelines which then led to a disruption of the whole military test.

The military test committee was unable to base its criticism on any standard or regulation, repeatedly requesting the fulfilling of parameters that were not only not present in the initial documentation, but ultimately impossible for any vehicle in use by any NATO forces, SVOS explained.

The company said that it was also impossible to ask for the military tests to continue, adding that it is ready to enter further talks with the Defence Ministry.

The 601st special forces unit was to get four combat vehicles for 94.5 million crowns. The original date of the delivery of the vehicles was November 2018, but the military did not complete the testing of the vehicles and completed it this spring.

Pejsek said the military testing took place from July 23 to October 7, 2018, the date was extended until July 30, 2019, but the required results were not achieved in the extended time anyway.

He said SVOS representatives were present to the whole testing and they never challenged its form or contents.

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