One fifth of Czech firms face cyberattack in 2018 - CSU

Nearly every fifth Czech company encountered a cyberattack in 2018, their number growing by about 20 percent in annual terms, according to latest data from the Czech Statistical Office (CSU).

Most of the attacks had the form of distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), which overwhelm a target with fake traffic in an attempt to make the website or server unavailable to users. Another frequently used type was ransomware.

Nearly one third of large companies and one quarter of medium-sized businesses have encountered a situation when their ICT services were unavailable, and one fifth faced data destruction.

"Conceded cybercrime in Czechia grows by about 20 percent annually, but the real figure is much higher. The most endangered sectors are state administration, banks, energy firms and growingly often also universities," Tomas Kubicek of consulting firm BDO said, adding that the health care sector is very risky as well.

According to Jakub Kejval of Bureau Veritas, Czech hackers target mainly medium-sized and large companies.