I am aware of the qualities of European education, says TikTok influencer Liza J. Miezejeski

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The adventure of a 24-year-old American influencer began back in 2017 when she made the bold decision to move to Prague and enroll at the renowned Anglo-American University (AAU). During her studies at AAU, she built her strong personal brand on social media. Through her blog and TikTok profile, she shared details of her life as an American student in Prague. Liza Jean Miezejeski reached out to her peers with her posts and inspired her followers to study in the Czech Republic. Recently she returned to her alma mater with a lecture on how to gain visibility and credibility on social media. She reveals that authenticity is the key to success.

Liza Jean Miezejeski is currently living in Brussels, Belgium. When she moved to the heart of Europe – Prague – and joined the prestigious Anglo-American University, little did she know that this choice would shape her life in ways she never expected. What drew Liza to AAU were the small class sizes, which allowed for intimate lectures. „I used to love the small class sizes which allowed lectures to be very interactive and let students really get to know the professors. Plus being in classes with students from all over the world really enriches those discussions with diverse perspectives,“ says Liza, who was attracted to studying in Europe mainly because of the student benefits.

She literally fell in love with the European form of education because it’s more financially friendly than in the USA, where studying is intended for the wealthier social classes, and because of the atmosphere Europeans offer. Additionally, Anglo-American University is known for its friendly community, which Liza appreciated. “The student body is small and I thought that was the opposite of what I wanted when I was looking for a university but I ended up loving it because this sense of community was exactly what I needed when I was for the first time abroad and so far from home, but at the same time because AAU is located in a big city it didn’t feel suffocatingly small because the campus kind of blends in with the city and I often met people who didn’t go to AAU.”

Her experience inspired her to start a blog

During her time at AAU and after she traveled to 23 countries on a student budget, Liza´s passion for exploring new horizons ignited a desire to share her experiences with others. Through her engaging blog, she not only provided valuable insights into the student life abroad but also offered practical guidance on choosing the right university, navigating visa processes, and embracing the challenges that come with studying in a foreign land. „I feel a sort of duty to others to help them learn about more options to access higher education. I want to help others learn about the option to receive their education abroad and teach them how to access this option,” says Liza.

TikTok is a great app for discovering and connecting with the community

While her blog gained traction, Liza discovered the power of TikTok as a medium to connect with a wider audience. With a growing following of over 248,000, she saw an opportunity to capture viewers with her vibrant storytelling and unique perspective. According to Liza, TikTok is a great app for discovering and connecting with the community that allows creators to build something special and innovative. Community is very important for Liza. She wants to reach out to different social bubbles like people of color, people with weak passports or people from the LGBTQ+ community. “I would love to continue to share these diverse perspectives so that readers can hear about the realities of living abroad from someone who is most like them because I am just one person with one perspective so my experience won’t be the same as everyone else’s and it’s my goal to prepare people as best as I can for life abroad, so this is one way I hope to do that,” she adds that she wants to invite some interesting guests to her blog.

Liza shares with her followers the exciting behind-the-scenes of how foreign students’ daily life in the Czech Republic looks like. She cares about the added informational value of the posts and, most importantly, authenticity. She believes that authenticity is the key to success. „Be your authentic self and do something that provides value to others. People really appreciate it when you are authentic online,” Liza advises other creators.

She’s living in Brussels for now, creating online content and recruiting for Anglo-American University. As a result, she spends a large part of her life communicating with students through social networks (e.g. Instagram account) and brainstorming opportunities for them to study abroad. She tries to ensure that young people have as positive an experience as she had during her student years.

Her story is not about simply selling a dream but about encouraging others to step outside their comfort zones, explore new cultures, and open their minds to diverse perspectives.