Military to receive seven artillery reconnaissance vehicles

17. 09. 2019 • 17:14

The Czech military will obtain seven new Artillery Reconnaissance Vehicles (LOV-Pz), Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar (for ANO) has told the government. The Military Technical Institute (VTU), which will assemble the vehicles, will pay 195 million crowns without VAT for their components. On Monday, Metnar informed the government about five military orders.

Metnar also spoke about orders for the modernisation of a mobile hydrometeorological station and the servicing and repair of man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS), Jakub Fajnor, from the Defence Ministry press department, said. 

The LOV-Pz with an Iveco chassis is manufactured by VTU. The vehicle is a part of an artillery guidance system. It is to ensure the artillery reconnaissance of the battlefield or the search for targets and their location.

Metnar told the government about five public orders for the deliveries of various components needed to assemble seven LOV-Pz sets.

Through them, the VTU wants to buy the Iveco vehicles, the Harris radio stations, the Bren-Tronics power systems and a guiding device for the arms stations.

Fajnor said the necessity to acquire the LOV-PZs arose from the concept of the Czech military build-up until 2025.

"Within the required state by 2025, it cites the ability of the artillery to provide direct and overall fire support to the military, with the possibility of accurate finding and evaluation of targets, for which the equipment is used," Fajnor said.

Metnar also unveiled the modernisation of the mobile hydrometeorological station Oblak (Cloud). This is a mobile container equipped with specific technologies and devices.

The VTU will modernise the container for 16.5 million crowns without VAT. The military will also ensure the life cycle of 16 sets of RBS-70s. Their manufacturer and supplier, the Swedish Saab Dynamics AB, will be in charge of four regular inspections, routine repairs and acquisition of spare parts for 20 million crowns without VAT until 2022.

($1 = 23.461 crowns)

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