Modern flight navigation systems from Staré Město found their way to the Paris Air Show |

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Modern flight navigation systems from Staré Město found their way to the Paris Air Show

One of the biggest air shows in the world took place from 17 to 23 June on the Le Bourget Airport in Paris. Among the companies presenting their new products was also Ray Service, top Czech manufacturer of cable harnesses for military use. In Paris, they presented themselves as a supplier of navigation systems for sport aircraft.

Flight displays of various sizes can simultaneously record data about the flight, monitor the engine and safely navigate. The real-time comprehensive measuring they offer is not necessarily just for pilots of big airplanes. Even an owner of an ultralight plane can install one of these displays in their cockpit, either as a separate unit or as part of a more complex system. “It’s not difficult to use flight displays, they are easy to operate and user-friendly. The installation should be left to the professionals though as it requires great precision. We offer it automatically as part of our services,” says Pavel Trubačík, the marketing director of Ray Service.

The displays range from 5.7 inches, which is the size of a smartphone, to 10 inches, closer to a tablet. They are not as fragile as phones and tablets though, they can react to sudden changes of light and can signal speed, information about the engine of the plane and more. The pilot can choose to use one as a primary display and a second one to monitor the engine or to navigate. This system allows the pilot to monitor rotational speed, fuel levels and the temperature of the cooling liquid. The aircraft just needs to have voltage of 9 to 35 volts and a connection to flight data and engine sensors. More advanced models also have a native navigational system with a movable map and terrain rendering.

Ray Service collaborates on the development and production of flight navigation systems with Glance Avionics, a Prague based company founded as an independent start-up project. They already supplied over 200 displays but can satiate a much larger demand. “Starting this year, we have agreed on a long-term collaboration so we will launch a serial production of some of the flight displays. It’s a logical step for us. We are evolving in the aviation industry, an indispensable part of our business, so we want to present these machines at the Paris Air Show,” says Pavel Trubačík.

The core of Ray Service’s business is the development and manufacturing of electromechanical systems for land machinery which make up more than a half (50%) of the company’s total business. They also deal in aviation (33% of revenues) and motorsport (10%). Ray Service specializes in supplying cable technology to the military and aviation industries and to other sectors. “On the Czech market, we’re an important contributor to the programs of development and modernisation of military machinery of the Czech Army. There are basically no more areas in the army that we don’t know and in many of them, we are directly participating in the key projects or supplies,” explains Pavel Trubačík.

About RayService
RayService is a company from Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště which has been active on the market for 25 years. Apart from production, they are intensely focusing on development and research. The company has gained the prestigious award Company of the Year 2017 in the Zlín Region, becoming one of the seven best companies in the Czech Republic. RayService is popular among job-seekers as it offers a number of benefits, great work conditions and diverse and clean jobs in a pleasant environment for active employees with experience.

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