Skoda JS signs contract for supplies to nuke plant in Ukraine |

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Skoda JS signs contract for supplies to nuke plant in Ukraine

Skoda JS signs contract for supplies to nuke plant in Ukraine

Czech firm Skoda JS and Ukrainian firm NAEK Energoatom signed a contract for further supplies of equipment to Rivne nuclear power plant in Ukraine worth EUR27m (some Kc690m) yetsterday, Skoda JS spokesman Jan Stolar has told CTK.

Two control rod drives systems including accessories will be delivered to the plant's first and second units with VVER 440 type reactors, Stolar said.

The upgraded systems will improve operating parameters and decrease the probability of accident occurrences.

The systems have been delivered to four units at Czech nuclear power plant Dukovany, to Slovak power plant Mochovce and to four units at Hungary's plant Paks.

Skoda JS has shipped over 1,200 drive mechanisms that have been gradually upgraded to customers in Czechia and abroad.

Thanks to its work on two units at Czech nuclear power plant Temelin Skoda JS has acquired technical know-how and specialists, which helped it enhance production, engineering and servicing of nuclear equipment, Skoda JS board chairman Vladimir Poklop said.

The firm is based on these three pillars that ensure its profitability, and it will make profit this year for the 20th successive year, he added.

Skoda JS believes Czech firms will get the possibility of taking part in building new nuclear sources in Czechia. It is currently seeking opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe in particular, said Poklop.

With 1,100 employees, Skoda JS made a pre-tax profit of Kc235m on sales worth Kc4.1bn last year. Because of a lack of contracts in Czechia it is focused on exports which headed to 14 countries last year, accounting for 68 percent of its turnover.

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