Some 63% of Czechs buy used car, 25% prefer new one - survey



07. 08. 2019 • 15:54

A total of 63 percent of Czechs buy a used car, 25 percent a new vehicle and 12 percent prefer a nearly-new demo car, with 65 percent of motorists having purchased their last car for up to Kc200,000, said a survey Behavio agency conducted among 1,000 respondents in June.


Some 35 percent of Czechs are considering some change over the next three years but a tenth of them do not want to own a car, according to the survey carried out for car rental company Driveto.

Seventy-seven percent of people used savings to buy their car, the rest taking out a loan or using other options. Some 3 percent of respondents said they opted for a short- or long-term operating lease.

The history of a car is crucial for 50 percent and important for another 41 percent of motorists. A total of 91 percent of people require a test ride. Two thirds of Czechs consider it important to own a car, the survey showed.

About 30 percent of those polled said they picked a car brand beforehand and 35 percent had several brands to choose from. About 29 percent have chosen the Skoda brand, with 9 percent favouring both Ford and Volkswagen.

Nearly a third of people bought their car from a second-hand dealer and 31 percent from an authorised dealer, 17 percent from a friend and 15 percent purchased a car that was advertised.

A quarter of people bought the car for a price between Kc80,000 and Kc110,000, and for a price of over Kc290,000. About a fifth of those polled said their price was below Kc50,000.