Thousands watch Battle of Austerlitz re-enactment near Brno



01. 12. 2019 • 17:02

Some 12,000 people yesterday watched the re-enactment of the Battle of Austerlitz in the fields near Tvarozna, where the Napoleonic army scored a famous victory in 1805, Miroslav Jandora, one of the organisers, has told CTK.


The re-enactment of the fighting, known also as the Battle of the Three Emperors and in Czech as the Slavkov Battle, was staged by a thousand of history fans in period uniforms, rifles, cannons and dozens of horses.

The scenario continued in the last year's presentation and showed the situation when the Napoleon's French soldiers attacked the rear of the coalition armies of Austrian Emperor Franz I and Russian Tzar Alexander I near Telnice and forced them to retreat towards Hodonin.

The police did not have to deal with any incidents or accidents, their spokeswoman Alice Musilova said.

The Battle of Austerlitz has been the largest battle in Central Europe since the early 19th century. A total of 20,000 soldiers perished at the battlefield. Historians estimate that twice more inhabitants of Moravia died as a consequence of the battle.

The record high number of 35,000 people visited the battle re-enactment in 2005, on the occasion on its 200th anniversary.

The Napoleonic weekend will end with a commemorative event at the monument of peace on the Pracky kopec hill near Prace, south Moravia, on Sunday.