U.S. Senate highlighting Czech, Slovak postcommunist success



10. 01. 2020 • 13:27

The U.S. Senate has stressed the successes achieved by the people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia after the 1989 fall of the Communist regime in the development of a free, democratic and prosperous society, the Czech embassy in Washington told today.


In their resolution passed on Wednesday, the senators expressed gratitude for the sacrifices the two countries brought during the support for NATO operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

The senators also said that the Czech Republic and Slovakia were linked with the USA by strong historical and cultural ties.

They said the USA considered a free and prosperous Europe their permanent commitment.

The resolution was presented by Democratic Senator for New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen along with Republican Ron Johnson from Wisconsin.

Shaheen said the resolution celebrated the heroes who had fought against totalitarianism and brought about the fall of Communism in Europe.