Bruno Maçães on Insider podcast: Ukraine war is fundamentally different. It is the clash between the West and Russia with no higher powers that can intervene

Michal Půr, Tomáš Jirsa

Portuguese analyst, author and former Secretary of State for European Affairs Bruno Maçães has been one of the most visible and interesting observers of our world in recent years. In mid-June he visited Prague to present the Czech translation of his latest book Geopolitics for the End Time. On that occasion, Maçães also spoke on the Insider podcast and now we are unlocking the opening segment of the interview. You can find the full episode on Gazetisto and Patreon. Find out what changes and revelations the war in Ukraine has brought, what to expect from Russia, where Europe and the West are going, what the future holds for Asia, and what China's plans and goals are. In short: where the world is going.

Podcast Insider vychází na INFO.CZ ve zkrácené verzi. Celé nové díly ihned po vydání najdete na platformách Gazetisto a Patreon.

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