In Business, It's Important Not to Give Up, Says Young Visionary Anna Brožková

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Have you ever tasted a healthy pizza? Thanks to the Czech visionary, entrepreneur, and graduate of the Anglo-American University in Prague, even celiacs or diabetics can enjoy this modern culinary hit.

Pizza is a dish that is popular with diners around the world. While this Italian delicacy is often labeled as unhealthy, a “healthy” variant can now be found on the Czech market. Credit goes to Anna Brožková, a graduate in marketing and communication from the Anglo-American University in Prague, who devised a unique "healthy" pizza concept rich in fiber. This pizza is gluten-free, devoid of artificial additives and colorings, and has significantly less fat, carbohydrates, and salt. Not only is it suitable for everyone, but it also tastes great and is filling.

A Unique Pizza Composition that Debunks Myths

Lacking initial experience in healthy nutrition, Anna's unyielding enthusiasm gradually replaced traditional ingredients used in the base with various vegetables, whether it's cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot, pumpkin, or zucchini. "I started from scratch. I love facing new challenges, even though at times I was losing faith in creating a healthy base," admits the marketing and communication graduate from the Anglo-American University in Prague, who established her own company at the tender age of 23.

"From the beginning of my studies, I dreamed of starting a business. A major support for me was Professor Shallow at the Anglo-American University, with whom I had the opportunity to work on several projects related to my business, along with some other students," shares Brožková. According to her, persistence and staying on course to fulfill one's dream are vital in business.

Anglo-American University Professor Shares Silicon Valley Insights

The Anglo-American University nurtures young talents in various ways, aiding them in developing their entrepreneurial ideas. They even offer a special course titled Entrepreneurship in Practice, led by Jeff Medeiros, who gained experience in Silicon Valley. "Students learn how to 'sell' themselves and their ideas, and how to captivate not just potential customers, but also investors willing to invest in young students who may lack the necessary experience but are brimming with ideas," Medeiros says about his course.

This July, an eight-member student team from the Business Administration program at the Anglo-American University in Prague participated in an international competition in Istanbul, Turkey, with their List-N-Eat app. The application provides solutions for all hungry, weary students, generating menus based on desired taste and complexity, including preparation instructions and shopping lists.

Anna Brožková, AAU

Diving Into Healthy Nutrition Due to Personal Food Allergy

Modern gastronomy emphasizes quality, fresh, and healthy food. More often, lighter and more palatable versions of traditional dishes are being introduced. Therefore, you can taste healthy dishes made from unconventional ingredients, like cauliflower, broccoli, or beetroot pizzas. This trend is especially welcomed by those with various food intolerances who must adhere to strict dietary guidelines, possibly missing out on globally adored Italian specialties.

This was Anna Brožková's problem too. "I love pizza. The thought that I would never have it again after being diagnosed with food intolerances was unimaginable. So, I decided to change that," says Anna, who came up with a creative solution four years ago. "The period when I had to adjust my diet opened my eyes and gave me the courage to introduce a new product that would help not just me, but others as well," she explains her reasons for developing the "healthy" pizza concept.

Young Visionary Plans More Products and International Market Expansion

Today, everyone can enjoy pizza guilt-free, from vegans, vegetarians, celiacs, diabetics to professional athletes. "Our main goal is for pizza to be easily digestible, tasty, and filling," emphasizes Brožková, whose company currently manufactures several versions of this originally Italian delicacy. "In the near future, our product range will expand with more additions," she hints.

However, Anna Brožková didn't reveal which products these might be, just as the recipe for her "healthy" pizza remains a guarded secret.