Prague Perspective: Ohio Wesleyan Student’s First Time in Europe – Through Studies in Prague

Partnerská spolupráce

A 24-year-old student from Ohio Jenn Lee, who spent last fall semester in Prague, shared her exceptional experience in completing her studies. Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU), where she studies Business Marketing and Fine Arts, collaborate with Anglo-American University on students exchanges. „Anglo-American University offers so many courses that were translated to credits for my major at my alma mater, and it was significantly more affordable than others, which was a huge deciding factor for me,“ said Jenn Lee in the interview published on the website of Ohio Wesleyan University. What else did Jenn reveal about her study abroad experience at Anglo-American University.

My Favorite Moments in Prague

“All of the cultures I have been able to immerse myself in thus far have been rewarding, eye-opening, and something I am very grateful for. Not only have I never been to Prague before this study abroad experience, but I have never been to Europe … and because the Czech Republic is centrally located, it has made traveling around the continent easy and accessible. I have visited so many different cultures and cannot be happier with how much I have learned and experienced,” said Jenn Lee in the interview for OWU.

Lessons Learned thanks to Anglo-American University

“My initial intentions with studying abroad was to learn more about myself and become more independent. From taking public transportation for half an hour to get to class (something I was very unfamiliar with being born and raised in Ohio), to paying my international SIM card/phone bill on time, to deciding what meal I’m going to cook/buy next, to managing my finances on a whole other level – I was also able to figure out what kind of lifestyle works best for me and my mental health completely independent from the familiarity of friends, family, and my home environment. I can definitely say that I will be coming home with a fresh outlook on how I want to live my life and can see it helping me move forward in my desired direction in life post-college, “Jenn continues the story about her abroad experience.

She also enjoyed the fact that she took four classes at the Anglo-American University in which none of her professors were American and all of her fellow classmates were from all around the world.

Plans After Graduation

Jenn Lee is already back in Ohio and she focus on her future. “My plans after graduation are to work in the digital marketing sector at a large corporation and eventually make my way to business school to get my master’s degree,” Jenn concluded the story.