Never give up, whatever your conditions are, says paralympic athlete Ni Nengah Widiasih

She has won two olympic medals for her country, celebrated many victories at international competitions and is rightfully considered a celebrity in her homeland Indonesia. 28 years old Ni Nengah Widiasih, nicknamed Widi, is an example of the fact that a handicapped person can do great things regardless on the disadvantages. Between trainings and competitions, Widi plans to open her own gym fully accessible to the handicapped and fights for inclusion, getting a strong ally in her fight in the Indonesian president. „Never give up whatever your conditions are. Never be afraid to try. Have big dreams...and then just do as best as you can. I do believe that with hard work and passion, dreams can come true, even when you are not from a rich family or rich country,“ says Widi in an interview with Jan Růžička for INFO.CZ.

Today we have a really special guest with us. Ni Nengah “Widi” Widiasih, is 28 year old lady originally from Bali, Indonesia. Widi is a very petite lady, with a weight of only 40 kilos.I know it might be perceived as a bit weird to start any interview by stating how much the interviewee weighs, especially when we are talking to a lady. But here, there is a reason for it, because Widi is a professional powerlifter. She is a real wonder, holding the world record in her category, lifting unbelievable 87 kilograms. And not only that! Widi currently has eight golds, seven silvers, and four bronzes from big events, including a bronze from Rio and silver from Tokyo. She is also a national poster girl in her home Indonesia, fighting for equality and just preparing to open her new business, which is quite naturally: fitness studio & gym. And just btw, Widi is in the wheelchair! Hello Widi, it is an honor to interview you!

Thank you, really thanks for having me.

You are a real wonder woman, achieving so much, despite a bit of disadvantage. So, let's maybe start with your personal story.

I think that my real life start when I was eleven years old when my older brother brought me to the gym for the first time, where I have fallen in love with sport and training. You know, my brother is also really good at fitness and weightlifting, so I had been influenced by him since my early childhood.

What was your parents' reaction when you as an eleven-year-old, have started going to the gym regularly with your brother; especially when being in a wheelchair? parents were a bit shocked yes. You know, they didn’t believe I would have enough will. Will to train regularly, it is a hard sport. The wheelchair itself was not a problem, but they were a bit worried I couldn’t manage to be just a little girl. But my brother was a real keeper and together with the coach at the local gym they positively pushed me with their you can do it, you can do it. Of course, my parents were still telling need to push, you didn’t need to do this just because of your brother... just focus on your study, your school and be a happy kid.

What happened next?

For me was important that my parents didn’t say no... so in our family had started to be normal those days, that when I finished school, my brother took me on his motorbike, brought me to the gym, we were there together and I was training with him and other boys. And then,everything is history...

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