Urban mobility is a global challenge. How will we move in our cities in the future?

Did you know that 50 % of public space is taken by roads? That 23 % of emissions are produced by cars and that we spend a whole year of our life just by commuting? „In the near future, we will have to reinvent how to move in our cities,“ says managing director of EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East Traian Urban. In the first episode of Urban Mobility Podcast we fill focus on the challenges we face every day and on the ways how EIT Urban Mobility helps startup companies that seek solutions to bring us closer to a more modern livable urban spaces and more sustainable mobility.

While stuck in a traffic jam, have you ever wondered how the ways of how we move in the cities we live in can be improved? You are not alone. EIT Urban Mobility seeks to find solutions to these everyday challenges by bringing together all the different players in the ecosystem from industry through universities, small and medium enterprises to cities themselves. „Technology and innovation will help us find new ways. And of course, public administration will need to cooperate closely with the private and academic sector in order to find suitable solution,“ says Traian Urban, managing director o EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East. One of the activities, that EIT Urban Mobility focuses on is full scale support to the startup scene. How does the cooperation work and what exactly do some of these startups develop? Better hear it from their CEOs interviewed in this episode of the Urban Mobility Podcast.

Who are the big industry partners of EIT Urban Mobility? How does the cooperation with a known startup nation of Israel benefits EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East? Listen to the whole podcast to find out.